How to Stay Healthy Through Physical Fitness


Being healthy is the state of having good health. Health is the level of efficiency in metabolism and functionality of living organism. Living organisms’ bodies are made up of different parts. Lack of proper functionality of one organ makes the whole body unhealthy.

Physical fitness on the other hand is the ability of a body to perform aspects that require energy. The different aspects have energy demand the minimum is the ability to do normal body maneuvers without feeling strained. The maneuvers include walking, sleeping, seating among others. The human body is meant to endure activities with medium energy requirements like climbing a slightly steep ascent without straining.

Straining is indicated by increased sweating, increased heart beat, feeling exhausted, and an increased breathing rate. Physical fitness is achieved through correct, hygiene, nutrition and exercises. Physically unfit individuals stand a risk of developing health problems. This is catalyzed by the poor metabolism which makes body organs weak and susceptible to ailments.

Common diseases caused by lack of physical fitness include; high blood pressure, coronary heart diseases, anxiety, depression, some forms of cancer and obesity. Performing physical fitness activities reduces the risk of developing the mentioned health complications.

Physical fitness activities should be carried out in a manner that maintains all the three aspects of fitness. Failure to observe any may lead to health complications. The medical conditions include; heat rush, athlete foot, hip burst, lower back pains, jock itch, Hamstring injury and knee injury. Correct hygiene, nutrition and exercises are achieved by following a standard formula. Hygiene involves keeping the body parts in an environment that does not hinder the functioning of the body part.

Cleanliness ensures the body parts stays free from dirt and disease causing organism. Proper procedure should be used when cleaning the body. In cases where water is involved, the cleaned surface should be wiped dry. Poor hygiene leads to fitness related ailment even if the other two activities are perfect. Common hygiene ailments are; heat rush, athlete foot and bad ordure. Heat rush is cause by the clogging of sweat pores resulting in a small bumps on the skin.

Proper cleaning of the skin after exercises controls them. Athlete foot is a fungal disease that is caused by moisture between the toes. This disease is causes the tissue between the toes to soften and produce bad ordure. It is controlled by proper drying of the area between the toes after washing. The dampness can be caused by accumulation of sweat too. This condition can be treated through medication and maintaining dry feet.

Examples are wearing open shoes and powdering them before wearing shoes. Nutrition involves meeting the body’s nutrients requirement. This is achieved by eating a balanced diet. Through proper eating habits metabolism is enhanced and the body energy requirement are met. The body is also replenished of exhausted nutrients and water.

Specific food types can be taken in prescribed amounts to enhance specific body requirements. The major food types are; vitamins, proteins, mineral and carbohydrates. Vitamins enhances the body’s immunity, proteins are the body building blocks, more protein encourage body growth, carbohydrates are energy giving foods they are broken down to ensure that the bodies energy requirements are met.

Surplus is stored as fats. Minerals play special functions in the body. These functions include serving the nervous system and performance of special processes in the body. Water should always be taken in plentiful. It helps in digestion and removal of toxins from the body. Some of the health complication that arises from poor nutrition includes obesity and high blood pressure, coronary heart diseases.

Obesity is caused by excessive accumulation of fats around organs. The fats are converted from unused carbohydrates and direct deposition of consumed fats. Obesity is a fitness related complication that is characterized by overweight and lack of endurance to medium energy requiring activities. It is controlled by engaging in fat burning exercises and taking the correct amounts of food.

High blood pressure is caused by the accumulation of fats around blood vessels. This causes an increased blood pumping rate which produces a hurting feeling and can lead to heart failure. Heart failure refers to the situation where the heart stops to function. This can lead to death or a coma. The two ailments are prevented by adopting the prevention methods used to contain obesity.

Exercise involves carrying out activities that enhance or maintain fitness. These activities can be done by the help of equipment or with the body itself. Where us equipment may need proper guidance and place, exercise involving only the body can be easily done and are equally effective. Exercises that don’t require equipment include. Jogging, press ups, seat ups, stretching, massage, and meditation.

Jogging is running with a moderate pace. It ensures that blood circulation is good and burns out excess fats. It also enhances in building leg muscles. Poor performance of this exercise can cause knee injury due to falling. This is controlled by maintaining a good pace, wearing comfortable outfit and concentrating on the path being used.

Press ups involve pushing the body to and fro in the vertical axis. It develops the arms and chest muscles. Poor practice can lead to lower back pain. Seat ups involve moving the upper part of the body i.e. from the waist up and down making a 900 arch. It develops the abdominal muscles. Sporting activities and gym are exercises that involve special equipment. The sporting activities can be performed at a less intense level for exercising purposes.

Some of the best exercising sports are swimming and ballgames. Ballgames are readly available in most parts of the world. They engage most muscles in the body. Poor practice can lead to hamstring injuries, knee injuries. These ailments are caused by accidents and poor practice. Care should be taken to avoid getting them. Swimming is a highly valued form of exercise. It exercises the whole body.

Almost every muscle is involved in the dynamic movement in water. Meditation helps in reducing stress anxiety and depression. It involves reflection of thought in a calm environment.Through physical fitness it has been observed that one can maintain good practice. Bad practice leads to correction of one’s problem but creates a new complication. Specialized fitness procedures should only be carried out under qualified personnel’s supervision. This enhances their efficiency and safety.